Multi-District Giant Stride Award Winner 

​Rotr Abiodun Ajayi (Mandate) was honored with Multi District Giant Strides award by Rotaract Club of Ikoyi (Best Rotaract Club in Nigeria) at their annual launching of Serubawon Memoir

It is really a great privilege to be honor with the Multi District Giant Strides award by the best Rotaract Club in Nigeria under the Leadership of Rotr. Jaiyeola Constance Phunmilayor, All Star President of the Rotaract Club of Ikoyi. 

The award came as a result of his contribution to the development of Rotaract Clubs in Nigeria and a challenge to do more by serving humanity. 

He also had the privilege to air his article on Lagos @50: Moving forward, published in the clubs’ magazine for the year.

I want to dedicate the award to God Almighty who has been protecting me in all my journey. 

My parents whose prayers had kept me moving and finally to all Nigeria Rotaractors for the believe they have in me. 

I am nothing without you guys and we are equally nothing without God. Lets do all to serve without counting cost or returns. 

-Rotr Abiodun Ajayi MANDATE 

  • Past President, RAC Isolo D9110 
  • Nigerota Chairman Emeritus

PHF: Rotary’s Six (6) Areas of Focus

Rotaract @ 49

Day 2

Tuesday 14th of March 2017

#PHFitesDiscuss 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

Rotary’s 34,000 clubs and 1.2 million members serve communities around the world, each with unique concerns and needs. Rotarians/Rotaractors have continually adapted and improved the way they respond to those needs, taking on a broad range of service projects. The most successful and sustainable Rotary service tends to fall within one of the following six areas:

  1. Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
  2. Disease prevention and treatment
  3. Water and sanitation
  4. Maternal and child health
  5. Basic education and  literacy
  6. Economic and community development

In continuation of the celebration of the World Rotaract Week, the Six Areas Of Focus; Impacting and Sustainable Projects was discussed on the platform with resourceful Rotaractors such as:

  • Rtr Abiodun Ajayi aka Mandate -RAC Isolo D9110, 
  • Rtr Paulwinger Ominighare aka Pope of RAC Ughelli Metropolis of D9140 and
  • Rtr Ogunsiji Ganiyu aka Olacious of D9125 in absential due to Network issues as Chief discussants and PHFites as Discussants

It was a lovely discussion.

Grab a drink 🍧, read 📄 and enjoy 🍟 the discussion which was anchored by Rtr Adedigba Ibraheem from RAC Isolo D9110.

Rotaract Proceedings was taken while Introductions of the guest followed. 

The Discussion

Anchor: Our chief discussants, 

What do you know about the Rotary 6 area of focus?

Rtr Mandate D9110: The Rotary 6 areas of focus are design to help clubs identify problems and proffering solution to them.

It helps clubs to be focused and avoid distraction. This means that over years most clubs have been doing project without sustainability.

Rtr Pope D9140: The 6 areas of focus are Rotary ideas which are guided for effective execution.

It is aimed at summarizing Rotary wide vision with the hope of touching every vision of the organization

To me, it can be said to be the narrow view of Rotary wide vision. This help the body to touch every body in dynamic ways


  • @Olacious 
  • @Mandate 
  • @Pope 
  1. What are the yardsticks to measure an impacting projects?
  2. What factors does rotary use for the evaluation of projects?

Rtr Mandate D9110 

  1. Planning: A project that would have greater impact in the lives of its target audience must be well planned. 
  2. Sustainability: This is one the yardstick of project because a impactful project must be sustained. Years after years people make reckon to it and feel the impact.
  3. Reporting: This is so pivotal cause it’s statement how the project went and in the report one get to know ones shortcoming to be worked upon in due course.
  4. Evaluation: It is so important that we evaluate our project. Most clubs nowadays just go to field to implement a project that was not either discussed or evaluated for greater impact.

Rtr Pope D9140: The yardsticks to me are very simple.

  • Sustainability
  • Durability And above all, the impact it can make in lives of people

The evaluation factors are equally almost the ones above..but I think the joy and hope it brings to the people and the upholding of the standard and values of Rotary are some of the factors.

Anchor: Since sustainability remains an important point, 

  • How then do we make our project sustainable? 
  • How do club officers perfect all needed to make the project affordable and sustainable?
  • Who are the people involved for proper sustaining process?

Rtr Mandate D9110

  1. Identify the community needs.
  2.  We must engage in brainstorming (Planning) as a team.
  3. Clubs must learn to work as team and delegate responsibilities

Rtr Pope D9140Flexibility study should be carried out before execution

A community that needs waters and you went to build library, that project wont be sustainable.

Our projects can be sustained if we plan how To sustain them before executing them

Rotary is a body not just alone one person, that’s why we need to work as a team to perfect all what we are doing.

Working with one another… Together, that is in unity, club officers can sustain projects.

Anchor: May we take questions/submissions/clarifications…

Let’s have your words PHFites

Kotler D9125: Serving humanities which is the ultimate goal of Rotary Rotaract should be prioritized over fun aspects of Rotaract

Adedamsel D9125: I pray we make use of this. 

Anchor: Nice submission but its funny that serving humanity aint even the reason for founding rotary/rotaract…it’s friendship, then personal development before service!

Rtn Bala even re-emphasized during a session this Evening !

Obbapearl D9110: Projects does not have to be big, it could be small. All that matters is : it should be impacted and readily address the need of the beneficiary. 

Friendship that is pure and undiluted with personal development that makes us a better person to ourselves, family and community at large.

Kotler D9125: Well said the wise one @Akogun , I quite agree with you and of course serving humanities is one of the ultimate goal after the foundation…

AnchorNice submissions and clarifications. I believe we should have picked one or two things. 

Informations were taken and the discussion came to an end….. 
Compiled and Edited by @OmoAkeen 

PHF: Uniting Through friendship and service

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PHF: Rotaract & Rotaract Projects

​Rotaract @ 49


Rotaract, Rotary International’s service club program for young adults ages 18-30, was officially inaugurated during January 1968 under RI President Luther Hodges. 

On 13 March 1968, the Rotaract Club of the University of North Carolina, sponsored by the Rotary Club of North Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, was the first Rotaract club to receive its official charter. 

In March 1992, the RI Board established World Rotaract Week , which is celebrated annually during the week of 13 March to commemorate the chartering of the first Rotaract club. During World Rotaract Week, Rotaractors attend meetings with their sponsoring Rotary clubs, undertake joint service projects, and speak with clubs that do not sponsor Rotaract clubs about the benefits of the program.

As a group of Progressive minds with leaders of repute, 

  • DRRE D9125 Rtr Oyewole Michael,
  • D9110 Rtr Ogunniyi Titus 
  • D9141 Rtr Elias Bose Anita 

Were called as Chief discussant about Rotaract and Rotaract Projects and PHFites as discussants in celebration of Rotaract at 49 here on Paul Harris Family Whatsapp group.

The DRREs from D9141 and D9110 were present to give a nitty gritty on the topic as the DRRE from D9125 was unavailable due to bad network in his location. Rtr Adedigba Ibraheem of RAC Isolo D9110 was the anchor.

Sit back, relax and read as the discussion went on…… 

 The Discussion

Rotaract Grace, 4 way test, Purpose and Goals of Rotaract with Introductions were taken respectively and the topic and Subtopic presented by the Anchor


Rotaract and Rotaract Projects Subtopic;

  • What is rotaract?
  • Purpose of rotaract
  • Rotaract Projects
  • Evaluation of Rotaract projects
  • Expected Impacts of Rotaract projects.

Anchor– What is Rotaract?
DRRE 9110– Rotaract as we know it is a service organization of young people within the age of 18 and 30 

case in point, young people coming together to meet and greet, learn and act, share and give, we serve the community with our Time, Talent, Treasure and Thinking

How do we serve the community?

Service projects covering but not exceeded to the six areas of focus.

  • Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
  • Basic education and Literacy
  • Maternal and child health
  • Disease prevention and treatment
  • Water and sanitation
  • Economic and community development

Also, Rotaract should improve largely the lives and actions of participants (Rotaractors) by improving them personally for professional growth.

Rotary also hopes that these young people would eventually be a part of the Rotary Club to improve its membership.

DRRE 9141– Rotaract clubs are part of a global effort to bring peace and international understanding to the world. We are a non-religious, non-political and non-profit organisation which are involved in community and international service.

Rotaract stands for “Rotary in Action” and are supported by Rotary international.
Anchor– In your own words, based on your knowledge and experience as a leader in the club…
What can you say is the Purpose of Rotaract?

Like why exactly was it founded?

DRRE 9110–  Rotaract was founded for Rotary to get younger people to do what Rotary does with more energy and Action

DRRE 9141– To my own understanding I will break the purpose into this four(4) forms.

  • It gives rooms for young people to exercise their skills 
  • Rotaract develop the  young people’s personal abilities 
  • Rotaract gives youth the grounds to address physical & social needs in their territory 

Rotaract also create room for lasting friendship you can never imagine.

Anchor– Now that we know what Rotaract is and the purpose for which it was founded, let’s talk about the projects!
My Chief discussants Sirs and mas, please tell us what a Rotaract project should entails and how it can be best planned.
DRRE 9110– I earlier mentioned that projects should align to the six areas of focus and be impactful, sustainable and thoughtful for planning, proper assessment of impact and sustainability is key. 
DRRE 9141– Rotaract Project are to be hands on project were we use more of our skills and less finance to serve humanity
Projects like

  • Keeping the school environment clean
  • Help in cleaning of the market premises 
  • Repainting major Round about’s and keeping dem clean 
  • Controlling of traffic
  • Painting the black board in lectures halls
  • Holding holiday class for secondary and primary schools student

How it can be best planned? 

  • By informing your Rotarators on time and making sure all material needed for the project is available,and also encourage your members to use their skills were needed.

Ayilara D9125– I love this show even tho we are mute but the DRRE are showing us that they are visionary leaders
Anchor– Evaluation of Rotaract projects…

  • How do we know the right projects?
  • When do we say a project is serving it’s purpose?
  • When do we adjudge a project to be beneficial?
  • What does Rotary International expect before a project can receive accolades?

DRRE 9141: by surveiling the area of the project to know the needs and want of the community

  • when it meet the need of the community
  • it will be beneficial when members are committed and less finance is involve
  • when the project is inline with the 6 areas of focus.

Anchor -With few words, let’s give our personal  overview or general submission about the topic… Rotaract and Rotaract projects

 Let’s have that without any order or need to signify.
Mustee D9125-DRRE Titus has capped it all… Impactful, sustainable and thoughtful…….

  • Project execution is a very important area/ aspect in Rotary/Rotary. It should always be given maximum concentration when planning and execution.

If the projects don’t impact the targeted audience then our aim as a club or district is defeated.
Anchor– Indeed, you are a leader
God bless you!

 Still in the mood of celebrating Rotaract @49, the floor will be opened for us to drop our successions in a way to also check out for those that have actually read through while learning from our own opinions too. Thanks

Mustee D9125: Rotaract@49 

Let us rebrand this organization, give people cogent reasons to join. Let us compliment ourselves and not compete. I so submit

@Ayilara D9125 Rotaract at 49. In this organization, decree does not work only mutual consultation does and it works like magic. 

Yes Rotaract always offer an avenue to party but once you are visionary, u can channel the energy from this to carry out meaningful projects, remember there is strength in membership. 

Let’s all reposition our minds by standing straight, being firm, active, respectful, transparent to all stakeholders of our club. By so doing, we will win back our lost glory. 

Rotaract, Happy 49th anniversary

That was how it went out on the first day of Rotaract Week 2017 on Paul Harris Family Whatsapp group.

Compiled and Edited by OmoAkeen

PHF: Uniting Through Friendship and service.

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Yabatech: Early hours Fire Outbreak

At the early hours of the day 23-11-2016. Yaba college of technology Female hostel experienced a very tragic fire outburst.

Yabatech female hostel on fire

Reports from @Itz_adeFolabi


​The Exemplary concept of good Followership

Followership is a straightforward concept. It is the ability to take direction well, to get in line behind a program, to be part of a team and to deliver on what is expected of you. 

How well the followers follow is probably just as important to enterprise success as how well the leaders lead.

The label “excellent follower” can be a backhanded compliment. It is not a reputation you necessarily want if you are seeking higher corporate office.

There is something of a stigma to followership skills. Pity because the practical reality in one does not reach progressively more responsible leadership positions without demonstrating an ability to follow and function effectively in a group. 

The fact is that in organizations everybody is both a leader and a follower depending on the circumstances which just adds to the paradox of the followership stigma.

Followership may take the backseat to leadership but it matters: It matters a lot! Quite simply, where followership is a failure, not much gets done and/ or what does get done is not what was supposed to get done.

Followership problems manifest themselves in a poor work ethic, bad morale, distraction from goals, unsatisfied customers, lost opportunities, high costs, product quality issues and weak competitiveness. 

At the extreme, weak leadership and weak followership are two sides of the same coin and the consequence is always the same: organizational confusion and poor performance.

Good followers have a number of qualities to take note of:

  • Judgement 

Followers must take direction but they have an underlying obligation to the enterprise to do so only when the direction is ethical and proper.

The key is having the judgement to know the difference between a directive that your leader gives on how to proceed that you do not agree with and a directive that is truly wrong. 

No one disputes that good judgement is critical to being a good leader. It is just as important in the follower.

Show enough good judgement as a follower and you usually end up getting a shot at being the good leader.

There is a line 

that I have always liked about judgement:

 “Good judgement comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgement.”

  • Work Ethic

Good followers are good workers. They are diligent, motivated, committed, pay attention to detail and make the effort. 

Leaders have a responsibility to create an environment that permits these qualities but regardless, it is the responsibility of the follower to be a good worker. There is no such thing as a bad worker who is a good follower.

  • Competence 

The follower cannot follow properly unless competent at the task that is directed by the leader. It is the obligation of the leader to assure that followers are competent. 

Sometimes things go wrong because the follower is not competent at the task at hand. 

When this happens, leaders should blame themselves, not the follower. 

A sign of poor leadership is blaming followers for not having skills they do not have.

  • Honesty

The follower owes the leader an honest and forthright assessment of what the leader is trying to achieve. This is especially the case when the follower feels the leader’s agenda is seriously flawed. 

Respect and politeness are important but, it is not acceptable for followers to sit on their hands while an inept leader drives the proverbial bus over the cliff. 

Good leaders are grateful for constructive feedback from their team. Bad leaders do not welcome feedback and here followers have to tread carefully. If the situation is serious enough, consideration should be given to going above the leader in question for guidance.

  • Courage 

Followers need to be honest with those who lead them. They will always need the courage to be honest. It takes real courage to confront a leader about concerns with the leader’s agenda or worse, the leader himself or herself. 

It is not for naught that the famous Winston Churchill called courage: 

“The foremost of the virtues, for upon it, all others depend”.

 From time to time, it takes real courage to be a good follower.

  • Discretion

A favorite saying in World War II was “Loose lips sink ships.” 

Sports teams are fond of the expression “What you hear here, let it stay here.” Followers owe their enterprises and their leaders discretion. Talking about work matters inappropriately is at best unhelpful and more likely harmful. 

Discretion just means keeping your mouth shut. It should be easy but many find it next to impossible.

Bluntly, you cannot be a good follower and be indiscreet. Everybody who works at an enterprise has a duty of care; indiscretion is not care, it is careless.

  •  Loyalty

Good followers respect their obligation to be loyal to their enterprise. Loyalty to the enterprise and its goals is particularly important when there are problems, interpersonal or otherwise, with a particular leader.

Followers who are not loyal are inevitably a source of difficulty. 

They create problems between team members; they compromise the achievement of goals; they waste everybody’s time; they are a menace. 

Loyalty is not a synonym for lapdog. Rather, its essence is a strong allegiance and commitment to what the organization is trying to do.

Followers should remember that their obligation is to the enterprise, team or organization, not a given leader at a given point in time.

  • Ego Management

Good followers have their egos under control. They are team players in the fullest sense of the concept. They have good interpersonal skills.

Success for good followers relates to performance and goal achievement not personal recognition and self promotion. 

Sounds too good to be true and often it is. It is difficult but the best organizations tie advancement and reward to performance and goal achievement as hard as that may be to do.

Followership will always be in the shadow of leadership. But there are no leaders without followers and on-going success with weak followers will usually prove elusive.

It is true that an organization is only as good as its leaders. It is also only as good as its followers. 

Who would not benefit from giving some thought to how we could be a better follower? 

Such thought may actually hasten your trip to the leadership position you actually want to be in.

“Good Followership determines Outstanding Leadership.”

How ready are you for this?

Thank you for believing in my thoughts.

It’s a small world after all.

Afolabi Abdullah A. 

Ade’Folabi (Tshabalala)


Vox Pop: Rotaract Installation, What’s your view?

​Rtr. Mandate (Presiding Officer)

I want to specially welcome us to another life changing session on Paul Harris Family WhatsApp Group and we shall be focusing on 

“how we attend installation, why we attend installation and whats our impact for attending installation”

Welcome once again.

Our discuss are as follows:

  • Who are expected to attend a club installation?
  • Why do we invite Rotaractors from far and near? 
  • What do we visiting Rotaractors gain from attending club installation?

@Rtr. Ade’Folabi will help us with the communique of our discuss tonight. Thank you.

We will take it one after the other by starting with the first question:

  1. Who are expected to attend a club installation?

@Rtr. Mandate D9110: To me I think installation ceremony of Rotaract Clubs are not limited to members of the organization alone. It is a funding raising ceremony which should involve members of the public including family.

But now adays Clubs want to see their fellow Rotaractors and they are not forthcoming.

@AyilaraQ D9125: From my own little understanding, Club installation are made up for majorly club members and people from one’s community. 

Other people from outside one’s club and community can join as well but will only be in small fraction

@OtunbaSuppy D9125: Club installation should serve as an awareness mostly to know rotaractor so as to encourage them to join and also to give the intending member more knowledge and understanding about Rotary /Rotaract via the project lunching of the day

@Akogun D9110: Club installation attendees should include buh not limited to d following:

-club members

-sponsoring rotary club

-corporate bodies/individuals who are donors

-project beneficiaries

-members of the public

-well wishers

-friends of d family.

@Windy D9110: Club installation is meant for Club Members, rotarctors of other clubs, members of d sponsoring rotary clubs, other friends and family, and majorly invited invited guests(for them them to b aware of wat rotaract z all abt). Dats why its most important to execute execute a project during during installation.  


  1. Why do we invite Rotaractors from far and near for our Club Installations?

@AyilaraQ: My own opinion is that we use this to balance our book cos money paid for registration by these visiting Rtrs can go a long way to augment for some deficit in our account.
@Duke D9140: Sincerely typing, Rotaractors from far and near are invited to installation:

1. To bridge the gap. That is to Foster friendship and enable new members have a sense of belonging 

2  Charity must be visited. Club generate funds easily without much advert and twisting when members of the family attends.

@Akogun D9110: Majorly the purpose of inviting Rotaractors lati ona jinjin may include felicitations, to v Berra fun sort of, to augment for d funds needed, to showcase our club worth to partners in service and all dt buh ds days it has bn turned to sthelse n its really affecting both d host club, her members n d invitees psychologically as regards planning n all dt.

We need to wa woroko to do ada ASAP! 🙂

@Akogun D9110: D koko is dt we go back to d basics n we get more realistic. The norms should be done, the purpose should be fulfilled and we should stop all this funny packaging!

  1. What do we visiting Rotaractors gain from attending Club Installation out of our District, Zone and Club?

@Duke D9140: Many go for ipkoki (to catch new guy or babe) others go to fulfill all righteousness

@TimmySaint D9140: Installation is more like the president’s wedding, when we join other club in celebrating their installation, it goes to show that we Felicitate  with the president and the incoming B.O.Ds, what we stand to gain as Rotaractors is that we Make New Friends,Mingle and if possible we can also Tangle…

@Mardiyah D9110: Well am always using myself as a case study, I attend installations becos 

1. I like to contribute my own quota to the success of any installation by going, helping with anything I can do, registering and participating in the program

2. To show support to those clubs

3. I like to travel so I need reason to do that and attending installations is just another reason

4. I actually like witnessing where lives are touched especially some projects executed during some installations.
@Obbapearl D9110: If there’s one thing Rotaractors gain from going to installation outside there zone or district, its Frienship and family tie, also depending on the type of speaker invited….. Our knowledge are broaden more from speeches of different speakers from clubs. Thanks

@OmoAkeen D9125: Do we still have this at our Installations? Do we listen to lectures at Installation nowadays?

@Khenzie D9110: NO.

@ObbaPearl D9110: Well, I ll say No and Yes. The reason is not far fetched, some clubs still invite seasoned speakers while some don’t. It all depends on what the president or installation chairperson tells the speaker they want and how experienced the speaker is.

@Arike D9125: Give us better food am tired of eating rice at all installation

@AyilaraQ D9125: I want to appreciate everyone that contributed to make this session a wonderful one. I want to believe we have all learnt a thing or 2 about installations. 

The session has opened our mind to stuffs we don’t know before now and we will use it as guide for our future engagements. 

We must all have positive minds about attendance of installation and make sure we learn a thing there, as well as we make friends and acquisitances. 

God bless us all

Your view could also make impact in other club’s Planning so as to serve you better.

Drop at the comment box below!!

“how we attend installation, why we attend installation and whats our impact for attending installation”